Become a Sponsor

Marafiki Arts greatly appreciates the creative talents and financial support of its sponsors which allows our organization to thrive and grow and to bring economic growth and sustainability to more and more disadvantaged communities both here in the U.S. and abroad.

For more information about becoming a Marafiki Arts sponsor, please contact:
tel (215) 667-8001
fax (215) 825-6915

Volunteer Opportunities

Marafiki Arts depends on its volunteers for technical and artistic expertise that contributes to its training efforts. If you are a
  • textile artist
  • craftsperson
  • natural dye expert
  • project manager
  • grant writer
  • marketing expert
if you are interested in our work and would like to contribute in any other way, contact:

Wish List

When the Akamba community comes together to help one another they call it mwethya. Continuing in that spirit of empathy and offering mutual support, here is how you can help. The following is our 2012 'wish list' to support our immediate organic cotton production initiative, natural dye development, and marketing initiatives.

$5-100 - Dye Equipment & Supplies
Contributions will be used towards purchasing such items as industrial thermometers, containers and lids, cooking implements, Ph indicator strips, mordants, and detergents that will aid in the research and development of natural dyes.

$60 - Hand Carders
Specialized tool used for brushing raw cotton fibers into roving in preparation for hand spinning. 100 sets needed to distribute among our 10 cluster groups.

$150 - Mini Solar Cookers
Ten cookers needed to heat up vats of natural dye using the sun's energy rather than valuable wood or coal resources.

$250 - Mechanical Gram Scale
Industrial quality scale to measure natural dyes accurately for small-scale production.

$200 - Stainless Stock Pot
Five, 100-quart pots needed for vat dyeing yarn in production batches.

$400 - Stainless Stock Pot
Five, 200-quart pots needed for vat dyeing larger production batches.

$550 - Drum Carder
Ten, non-electric carding machines needed for each cluster group to share to aid in more efficient cotton spinning and yarn production.

$600 - Machine Spinner
One hand-driven spinning machine needed to diversify the quality of yarn produced and broaden marketing options.

$700 - Bale Organic Cotton
One bale of grade 'A' cotton needed urgently to subsidize the spinners in producing organic cotton yarn for immediate marketing expansion. One bale will make 4,000 skeins of yarn.

$1,500 - Natural Dye Development
Subsidize a group of twenty farmers in terracing, planting, and maintaining their acreage for the cultivation marigolds, indigo, madder root, and planting indigenous seedlings with their cotton.

$1,500 - Organic Cotton Initiative
500 kg for 100 farmers to plant cotton with organic pesticides.

$2,000 - Oversea Shipping
for one cargo container filled with equipment to Kenya.