Kiondo weaver. Photo by Lonnie Graham.

Kiondo weaver. Photo by Lonnie Graham.


preserving culture through textiles

Marafiki Arts (meaning friends-all) works with the Kamba community in Wote, Kenya to make textile products using hand-spun cotton, eri silk, sisal, hand-woven cloth, silkscreen printed fabrics, and natural dye colorants. Our products use natural organic fibers and natural plant dyes grown locally in Kenya. Through the sales of these products, Marafiki Arts is able to raise funds to train, support, and promote self-reliance for members of this community.

Marafiki Arts supports training programs, artistic exchanges, and research programs that align with the natural resources, traditional crafts, and heritage of the Kamba.  The programs are conducted in our textile workshop in Wote, equipped with looms, a ten-meter printing table, and additional work spaces.,


Artist Exchange Internship

Learn about our program to artists to share their skills with the Kamba community.


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