Makueni Ginnery. Photo by Lonnie Graham.

Makueni Ginnery. Photo by Lonnie Graham.



Makueni Ginnery, Wote, Kenya
Marafiki Arts is collaborating with the Makueni Ginnery in encouraging farmers to grow more cotton and providing ginned cotton to the community for production of handspun cotton, woven and knitted products, hence adding value to the locally grown cotton.

Wote Community Development Organization, Wote, Kenya
Under the umbrella of WCDO, Marafiki Arts has established relationships with community groups that are involved in income-generating activities such as making and selling sisal woven baskets, tailoring, and making and selling wood carvings. Together, the members and collaborating partners will reduce poverty, create a nurturing educational and industrial environment, reduce HIV/AIDS infection and improve access to basic human needs.

St. Patrick’s Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre, Wote, Kenya
Marafiki Arts has established a textile workshop at St. Patrick’s Vocational Training Center in Wote that provides opportunities for product development and marketing through U.S. – Kenyan cultural exchanges.

Tosheka Designs, Wote, Kenya and Philadelphia, USA
Tosheka Designs is a social entrepreneurial business that specializes in producing sustainable textiles and related products made in Kenya using natural and recycled fibers and techniques that also preserve traditional skills and knowledge.

Kensington South Neighborhood Advisory Council, Philadelphia, USA
KSNAC is a non-profit, non-discriminatory, non-partisan organization with a mission to maintain and improve the neighborhood of Kensington South for the benefit and desired outcomes of the individuals who make up its constituency.